In addition to acupuncture, the following modalities may also be used: 

Cupping: glass cups, void of oxygen, are placed on the back to access and move stagnant Qi and fluids in the body.

Gua sha: similar to cupping but instead of cups, a rounded instrument, like a porcelain spoon, is scraped along the back in order to access stagnant Qi and fluids in the body.

Jade Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation
A specially designed jade tool is used to encourage blood flow and radiance to the face while also helping to release neck and jaw tension. Each session includes a mother of pearl facial scrub and a hydrating facial mask. Separate fees apply

Ear seeds: small seeds, from the vaccaria plant, are placed on specific points on the ear that correspond to the body.

Moxibustion: the herb, mugwort, is warmed and gently placed on the needle to help facilitate the flow of Qi.

Nutritional advice: discussion of nourishing food that suits your lifestyle.

Crystals and gemstones: living entities, culled from the earth, are imbued with unique healing properties which enhance the healing process, during and after acupuncture treatments.